How do I pay you?

I prefer being paid by PayPal. Occasionally I will work out other payment methods with people.

Do we have to be in the same area to work together?

No. I have worked with people all over the U.S., and some in other countries who were getting degrees from U.S. universities.

Do you only work via email?

For the editing and reading, yes. I also work by phone for coaching and consultation.

Will my committee or committee chair allow me to have an editor?

If you have any questions about this, please ask. I have actually worked with a number of students whose committee chairs referred them to me. I have served as a liaison person to facilitate communication between the student and the student’s chair. I have also been included on emails among the student and the committee members in different cases.

What would cause me to pay more than your original estimate?

I have encountered situations where, once I got into the paper, I had to undo incorrect formatting by hand and re-do the formatting.  I’ve also encountered situations where every change later in the paper meant re-doing the table of contents and the table of tables and figures by hand. These things take time, and cannot always be seen on the first skimming of a paper, especially when it is sent to me as a PDF file, rather than in MS Word format. A recent example of this required over 3 times the amount of time originally estimated to do the work. So if you do not want me to take a lot more time on your paper, please make sure that you do simple formatting correctly yourself.

One other type of situation can take more time than I expected. I am good at editing content for qualitative dissertations. I have often run into situations where the student I’m working with wasn’t sure how best to edit quotes from the participants, and put in too much material. This requires my taking time to get myself so clear on what is being discussed that I can radically edit the material to focus just on the point that is being made in that section or chapter. This, too, can take time.

Another aspect of this that can take time is when the student has not included enough material, and I have to spend time to figure out what is missing, request it, and wait for the required material to be sent, then figure out from what has been sent what to include and where it best fits.

Will you write the paper for me?

No. This is entirely unethical, no matter how many services out there offer it. I focus on helping you write your paper yourself, and have that paper shine.

I will, when necessary, write paragraphs here and there to smooth what you already have, or to serve as a bridge between one section or chapter and the next. This is merely editing your work to make it flow better, not writing it for you.

Will you research material for me?

No. Again, this is your work. I have at times suggested materials that could add to the research you have already done, or that you are embarking on (such as when I’ve assisted with a dissertation proposal, and have knowledge of research that would help expand the lit review for the full dissertation). These are suggestions, based on my own background, experience, and knowledge. It’s up to you whether or not you would like to act on them.

Will you work with me on payments?

I require up front payments. However, when a client has established a good history with me, I am willing to work with payments.