There are things you need to know about how I work.

First, for first-time prospective clients, I offer a free 30-minute phone consult. This is to find out more about you and your project, and for you to get a feel for me. If we both feel good about taking the next step toward working together, things go this way:

I ask you to send me what it is you are working on. I skim it, and then send you an estimate. Please remember that things do come up that are unforeseen, which can add to the amount of time necessary to do your work. Please see my FAQs page to see some of the things that come up.

Second, I have different pay scales. For written work, emails, editing, reading, I charge $50 per hour. For phone work, consultations, coaching, I charge $100 per hour.

This goes up to $75 per hour for written work and $150 per hour for verbal work if there is a tight timeline, such as a complete dissertation edited in a week or less, or any paper of 15 pages or more in less than 3 days.