Editing: What I’m best at and prefer is substantive editing, where I help with possible reordering or rearranging parts of the text, sometimes rewriting sections or writing bridging or concluding paragraphs in order to improve clarity, accuracy, flow, and ease of understanding for the reader. I also do copy editing, where I correct things like grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and word usage, as well as check for APA style in academic work.

Coaching: I can help you figure out where you are, where you want to go, and assist in setting goals or targets to help you complete your project. I can also assist with your motivation, give you different techniques to use to get past writing blocks, and act as cheerleader when you require it.

Consultation: I can assist with determining which qualitative research approach will work best for the academic project you are desiring to do. I can assist with understanding some of the details of writing up phenomenological research projects, and recommend ways to make this easier, both for analysis and for the write-up. I can also, when it feels right to you and to your academic chair, act as part of your team, included on emails about your project that can help my understanding of your requirements as well as help you when you have trouble understanding what is being asked of you.