What would it take to get your point, position, or idea across?

What point or points do you wish to be making in your project? A thesis is an academic paper, but it is also the main idea, point, or issue you are addressing in any work. In our communications, it is not only what we desire to get across, it is how we get it across that affects the response.

So what response are you looking for with your project? When you want to make sure that the tone, as well as the words and the flow are clear, this is where I can help the most. When you want to be assertive, rather than aggressive or passive; when you want to invite, rather than shut down, I can provide feedback on the subtle ways your piece comes across. This can be very valuable when the message is important.

What do you need to complete YOUR project?

Have you seen all the advertisements for coaches and for groups that will, unethically, research and write your project for you, and felt unsatisfied? Have you wondered “How can I get help accomplishing and completing my project myself?”

Have you found yourself losing clarity, and need someone who can really hear you to help you figure out what you need, what to say, and what step or steps to take next?

What matters to me is YOUR success. Whether you need coaching, counseling, consultation, editing, or a combination, together we can work out what is best for you.